Found The Original Demo


Around 2013 I had been writing with Erika for a few years, not out of any other agenda than to write what we felt on our hearts. The songs felt like freedom, felt like life & hope- they felt like they where meant to be sung. Almost as if we had stumbled upon a melody and a rhythm that was already on the Fathers heart and for some reason He showed it to us! Having finished songs Found, March, Shores, Waltz & another song called Faithful we had no idea what to do with them.

Feeling excited about the journey of creating and wanting to give these songs life and body- we knew that these songs needed guitars, drums & anything else that would help them fly- help them to be more beautiful. So in early 2014 I was given a few pieces of studio gear which kicked off the next step.

Creating a studio

Recording is a funny beast that has taken many incredible musicians, production can seem foreign and definitely something that gets in the way of a lot of songs. Determined to keep these recordings as simple & honest as possible I wanted to make sure I only did what I liked – what I could hear and what was available. There’s no keyboard on this song not because I didn’t like keyboard, I just didn’t have one!

With that in mind while Ryan, Erika & the boys where in the US for a month I stole their house and created my first actually productive studio! We’re talking monitors, interface, 2 mics & instruments- so nothing flash. Nothing but what I had in my hands or available to me! Benny came over & tracked some guitar- after writing his first ever parts on our songs and finding great purpose in working together.

Over a few weeks the songs took on life, they become something new and gathered identity. When Ryan & Erika returned from the US we tracked Erika’s vocals and gave the song another rough mix.

After that we didn’t really do anything with these recordings, they sat on my computer till now. We did our first EP through our church (C3NC Music) called March and used these demos as a basis for the EP.


Today a few years later I stumble upon this demo, realised how important it was and felt it was right to share now. As we look toward the release of our debut leading light LP and so thankful for what we have I find that its so important to know what the start looked like. God is always so gracious and knows every step, He is our guide & everything we need. He was good in 2014 when I recorded these demos and He is good today!

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