The revolutionary
The believers, the changers

Consumed by loves joys
Captured by life’s high
We delve through the danger to find a new
Through the valley, rocky changes and dangerous places

For followed by many broken track yearns and cracks with the weight of accusers
But no no no we don’t follow it, take our own way
Running our own race, yes race to see all He has for us
Write our own history, write our own story

We smile out the local in habited & ask way to many questions
Gliding past like the rivers, smooth and kind
We eat their food and drink their wine
We Leave smiles, dancing on faces
Bettered by the encounter

Sometimes when our step turns to a fall
And hard it may seem
We gather close, take stock of what matters
For life is what we make it

Lock eyes & rise once more
We fight, we cry, call on the name to push back the darkness

Beating with believe, pulsing with a presence
Following the creator, following the Father
Stubborn till the end & blissfully ignorant
Ours steps feel light and our adventure packs a filled split

Close we come, close we are
Dancing with a calling
Ever chasing, ever dreaming
Father we follow, where you would take us
We will go