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Green Eyes Coldplay Cover

Chris Quinton & Erika Croxford  of Leading Light (ll) perform a cover of Coldplay’s iconic song ‘Green Eyes’. This beautiful arrangement will move anyone to a moment of beauty and peace. Notably Green Eyes was released on ‘A Rush of Blood To the Head’ in 2002. With around 13 years later green eyes still feels like a classic worth playing and worth listening too.

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Found The Original Demo

Around 2013 I had been writing with Erika for a few years, not out of any other agenda than to write what we felt on our hearts. The songs felt like freedom, felt like life & hope- they felt like they where meant to be sung. Almost as if we had stumbled upon a melody and a rhythm that was already on the Fathers heart and for some reason He showed it to us! Having finished songs Found, March, Shores, Waltz & another song called Faithful we had no idea what to do with them.

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