Erika, Chris & Ben unknowingly formed as a group called ‘leading light’ in late 2015, releasing their debut LP ‘Heart’ in late 2016.
Chris and Erika, the lead song writers of the band have been writing together for around 3 years. Prior to forming the official band, the duo were working with the C3NC Music band and worship team from their home church C3 Church Newcastle City.

A family group through and through, Erika and her husband Ryan have 2 young boys; Jensen and Judah, Chris is the adopted brother of the family and Benny; the elected cousin. The family vibes continue through the group with wives, sisters and brothers who also head up design, production and PR. This is a family band in essence and a creative ‘green house’ to raise the next generation of worshipers; the children of the band.

In August 2015, Chris, Ben & Erika spent a few days working with Jackson Barclay (aka total squad member and genius engineer) to record their first ten songs, live and side by side on the floor in worshipful moments at the Grove Studios, on the Central Coast NSW. After the recording process had finished the group sat down to listen back to what had been created. It was evident that something special had been brought to life; pure and honest praise. These worship moments became their first record ‘heart’ and was the spark that dared Erika, Chris & Ben to form officially under the name ‘leading light’.

With excitement as fuel, as word spread amongst the family and friends of the team, doors flung open with opportunities to distribute this new sound and travel both nationally and internationally. The group signed a distribution deal with Crossroad, the album to be distributed to Australia, NZ, Fiji & Singapore.

Leading Light; an unlikely combination realised that they had found something very unique and special. The goal is not and will never be fame. Their hearts beat to see people be restored into their true relationship with Jesus Christ. Their desire is that every time they would come together to lift up the name of Jesus in praise; chains would break and lost sons and daughters would come home to Jesus.

Vocals, Guitar / Chris Quinton
Vocals, keys / Erika Croxford
Guitar / Ben Graham


“Our hearts beat to see young and old return home to relationship with Jesus Christ, in worship moments of purity and beauty”

Leading Light’s mission is to release art and music that will facilitate this experience along with the ability to be face to face where people can part of these worship moments.

Leading Light is flying a creative flag high. “God formed us to be brilliant and formed each person to be brilliant – to be all that we can be. So with this in mind we are stepping out into the unknown, pushing the boundaries to be better for ourselves and  others, to breath light and life into the all parts of the world”



by Leading Light

Captivating and inspiring, Leading Light’s debut is a truly special experience. With a clear thread weaved throughout the album, the listener experiences more than individual songs; instead, they are immersed in the pursuit of intimate relationship with God. With a warm and live feel, each song displays kindness, love and God’s closeness. As the final words of the closing track resound in a melody of sincerity, the listener is swept away into a moment of intimate worship.